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SOLD OUT: CILENTO- Into the blu (May 24-31, 2020)

CILENTO:  Into the Blu  

an unforgettable adventure to Italian Blue Zone.

- ancient - pristine - uncontaminated -

+ ADD-ON 3-day Neapolitan Adventure

May 21-24, 2019.    (Only available to guests participating in our May 2020 Cilento itinerary.

We are sorry you missed out on this adventure! 

Why not plan to travel with us to Napoli + the Isle of Ischia: September 13-21,  2020

Please contact info@slowtravelwithlisa.com to be placed on a wait list for a possible second itinerary to Cilento: Sept 27-October 4, 2020.

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Lisa's Newest Adventure : Into the Blue (May 24- 31, 2019)

An exhilarating visit to ancient Greek Temples from 2500 BC.

An 8-day authentic adventure (+ add-on to Napoli) :

SOLD-OUT.  We're sorry you missed it.

Why not make plans to travel in September 2020? 

Please contact info@slowtravelwithlisa.com to sign up for travel  in September to Napoli + the Isle of Ischia (Sept 13-21, 2020). 

STWL will add an additional itinerary to Cilento: Into the blu in Sept 27- October 4, 2020, if there is participation of at least 8 persons.

Lisa warmly invites you to join her on her newest adventure to Southern Italy.  

Come explore the ancient and pristine, uncontaminated lands, salt and fresh waters of southern-most Campania

CILENTO is located in southern Campania. It is a “sub-region” that is blessed with  pristine waters and rugged lands that stretch from the ancient Greek temples of Paestum (2500 BC) down to the border with Calabria. 

ZONA BLU: Cilento is a "Blue Zone", which means that it a demographic region where people commonly live active lives past the age of 100 years. 


CILENTO has a rich history of Greek Philosophy (the fifth phase) and culinary, fishing and agricultural traditions that gave us the infamous "Mediterranean Diet" (Ancel Keyes-- who moved and lived out his life in Cilento) that revolutionized how we thought no about our what we eat.

CILENTO boasts a large number of award-winning beaches (la prestigious Bandiera Blu- the Blue Flag, is an award given only to the most pure and clean uncontaminated waters.

LITERARY LEGEND:  Legend has it, that Ernest Hemingway couldn't  leave this place and while living here, met an old fisherman Antonio Massarone who inspired Mr H. to write his classic "Old Man and the Sea."


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Those of you who choose to explore the 3000 year-old Adventure-land of Napoli (May 21-24, 2020) will meet the new arrivals on Sunday May 24, 2020. 

The whole STWL Gang will meet up in Napoli on Sunday, May 24th at the Napoli Train Station (Napoli Centrale) at approximately 12:30 pm. 

From there, our comfortable minibus will whisk us away to the region of Cilento to first visit the inspirational and awesome home of ancient Greeks: Poseidonia, now called Paestum.



Please note that it is subject to change as Lisa crafts each of her itineraries with passion and STWL invites you to check in from time to time for updates to the itinerary.

We'll spend two nights on an authentic agriturismo/buffalo farm, owned my dear friend the Baronessa Cecilia.


For you history buffs, Cecilia's estate gives us great insight into the "mezzadria" system of farming in which an important owner (padrone) had numerous families (mezzadri) who worked the lands, lived on the property, and formed a community that included a school and a church. 

A PLACE IN HISTORY. This agriturismo is particularly significant to WW II history in that the Allied Forces claimed as their headquarters for three years

Cecilia will  show us actual footage of the Allied landing 76 years ago, that includes  shots of her property (where we will stay!) as the Allied moved further  inland.

From this base, we will enjoy a guided visit the magnificent Greek temples (2500 BC) and fascinating museum in Paestum.  

COOKING WITH THE BARONESSA:  Cecilia is a fascinating woman and an avid collector so the interiors of our accommodations are a cornucopia of visual delights; each room is very different from the next. She is also an accomplished chef and I have organized a personal cooking lesson with her, to be held in her magnificent teaching kitchen.  

 8 glorious days...


May 24 - 311, 2020

10-guest limit.

TRIP PRICE: $3,860 


May 21-24, 2020. 

3-day Adventure in Bella Napoli 

TRIP PRICE: $895.00*

*available only to guests on Cilento itinerary (May 24-31, 2020)

All prices based on double occupancy travel. Airfare not included. See Terms and Conditions.

Five Nights Seaside on a Pristine Beach...


SEASIDE ACCOMMODATIONS with your own balcony overlooking a shimmering private beach and an enchanting fishing village...



+ EXCELLENT HIKING/WALKING along the stunning uncontaminated coastline.        

This seaside Paradise will be our home base for 5 days as we explore  this pristine and rugged land:

 - Sail the uncontaminated waters

 - VIsit a Blue Grotto that completely outshines that of Capri

 - Enjoy local music

 - Savor fresh foods and organic wines

BENVENTUTI AL SUD!   Since Lisa’s trips are limited to 10 persons, one of Lisa's new friends of a fascinating nobile lineage has invited her guests to come in to tour her home— which is  the impressive medieval castle in Castellabate.  The castle was the stunning set in the hilarious film “Benvenuti al Sud”!    

Stay tuned for further developments!

ARRIVEDERCI - Fond farewells

We will say our fond farewells on May 31st and our chariot will take us back to Napoli  with two stops:  Napoli Centrale Train Station and Capodichino  Aeroporto.   

We're sorry you missed it! Plan to travel with us in September 2020!

Treat yourself and someone you love to a truly authentic Italian adventure! 

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