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Amalfi Coast colors and cliffs

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Travel like a Local - Meet a Colorful Cast of Italians!


-- Kitty C.  

(May 2019 Napoli + Isle of Ischia) READ MORE


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NAPOLI + Flaming Fields + Isle of ISCHIA

SEPT 13 - 21, 2020

- Mythology meets the Medicinal - 

9-Day Luxury Adventure

- 10-guest limit - 

TRIP PRICE: $4,295





MAY 24 - 31, 2020

- ancient, pristine, uncontaminated 

+ Add-on:  3-Day NEAPOLITAN ADVENTURE: May 21-24, 2020.  


- We're sorry you missed it


All Trip Prices are based on double occupancy 

and do not include airfare.


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-- Alex, Oakland, CA

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 “One  may write or paint as much as one likes, but this place,

the shore, the  gulf, Vesuvius...everything defies  description.” 

   - Goethe, An Italian Journey



I'm professoressa Lisa, Italian language instructor and interpreter.

At the urging of my Italian students, I began to craft Italian adventures. 

Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, my motto is Go Local, Know Local.

Sumptuous local foods & world-class wines,

vibrant local people-  in unspeakably gorgeous natural settings! 

Why not take advantage of my 30-year relationship with Italy?

What makes my itineraries unique? 

It's the people you will meet: 

a colorful cast of Neapolitans- guest teachers, artists, guides-- my friends, 

all passionate about sharing their vibrant culture with you.



TRAVEL ADVISOR + INTERPRETER: Do you and your loved ones have a trip planned to Italy? 

Are you traveling back to discover your roots and meet your Italian relatives? 

Would you like to connect on a more authentic level? 

Lisa can travel with you to take the stress and confusion out of travel logistics, 

facilitate your conversations and enrich your experience.

You relax and concentrate on making wonderful memories with the ones you love.

Let's make it happen!


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"You may have the universe, if I may have Italy." - Verdi

Napoli + Flaming Fields + Isle of Ischia: September 13 - 21, 2020


"Mythology meets the Medicinal"

- SEPTEMBER 13- 21, 2020 


 A 9-day luxury adventure. 

10 guest limit.  Your deposit saves your spot.

TRIP PRICE:  $4,295

BOOKINGS for 2020 ADVENTURES + QUESTIONS:  Info@SlowTravelwithLisa.com


  • Experience Italy like an insider. Travel with your own personal interpreter 
  • 10-guest limit ensures relaxing travel, great conversation, friendships, personal attention and special access
  • Opportunities to speak italiano with Lisa's friends
  • Discover hidden cultural gems that even some of the locals don't know about! 
  • A vibrant cast of Neapolitans- guest teachers, artists, guides- Lisa's friends.
  • Transportation + Driver: Relax and leave the driving to the professionals. Transfers sea to the magnificent isle of Ischia
  • Return transfer from Ischia to Napoli.  Please contact us before booking a same-day departure flight from Napoli or Rome.
  • Transportation + Driver for majority of the group’s activities
  • All guided activities (private boat tour, hike to the top of the volcano, fees for guides & guest teachers, entrance fees)
  • Welcome booklet outlining Italian lessons and itinerary
  • Italian lessons related to our activities with Lisa and guest teachers to enhance your experience & heighten the fun factor. 
  • Travel with your own personal language interpreter, language coach & guide
  • Referrals of brilliant and official guides for tours and visits you schedule personally.

Price does not include airfare and is based on double-occupancy.  

Single guests will be subject to a Single Supplement Fee.

BOOKINGS & QUESTIONS:  Info@SlowTravelwithLisa.com

See Terms and Conditions 

Meet Lisa: Your Cultural Guide and Host


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Why not get the most out of your travels? Learn some Italian to get around and greet the locals.

Slow Travel with Lisa is a recognized State of CA Seller of Travel.
License No. 2133570-40

Slow Travel with Lisa Italian Lessons + Personal I

- Based in San Francisco, CA, and embracing the world -


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Slow Travel with Lisa is a recognized State of CA Seller of Travel. License No. 2133570-40.

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    MAY 24 - 31, 2020: CILENTO:
    Into the Blu
    TRIP PRICE: $3,860 (double occupancy),
  • Add-on:  May 21 - 24, 2020:  A Neapolitan Adventure*
    TRIP PRICE: $895
     Only available to participants of Cilento May 2020 itinerary)
  • SEPT 13 - 21, 2020:
    Napoli + Isle of Ischia

  • Slow Travel with Lisa reserves the right to add two additional guests to any of its itineraries for a maximum number of 12 guests.
  • All Trip Prices are in US dollars and based on double-occupancy of accommodations.
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  • Contact Lisa to learn more about her unforgettable Slow Travel Luxury Adventures scheduled for 2020
  • Missed out on Cilento in May 2020?  Contact Lisa to be placed on a Wait List for a possible second itinerary to Cilento - Sept 27-Oct 4, 2020

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Slow Travel with Lisa is an official State of CA Seller of Travel, 

License No. 2133570-40. 

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  • February 20, 2020, for May 2020 (add-on to Napoli);
  • February 24, 2020, for May 2020 to Cilento; 
  • June 12, 2020, for September 2020 to Napoli + Ischia.
  • If there is still room available for additional guests less than ninety (90) days prior to the start date of our tour, the full sum will be due upon booking. 

Contact Info@SlowTravelwithLisa.com for any additional payment details.  

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