Disengage & Rejuvenate : Napoli & the Amalfi Coast

A little about professoressa Lisa

“For myself, each arrival on this shore is a rejoicing.
And I wonder at the stroke of fortune that first brought me here to live

in intimacy with this civilized spirit and to share its long adventure.”  

  • Shirley Hazzard

Ciao, carissimi amici! Mi chiamo Lisa and I invite you to take advantage of my 25-year relationship with Bella Napoli and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast!

It would be an honor for me to serve as your language and cultural guide to my absolute favorite place in the world! Facilitating authentic communication and understanding between English and Italian speakers makes my heart feel so BIG!

Since you will be traveling with me, I will let you know a bit about myself.


My two passions are my professions: Music and All Things Italian. In fact, it was Music that led me to the lyrical beauty of the Bella Lingua. I was operatically trained and my first diction course for singers was studying lyrical works in Italian. I was immediately smitten by the melodious language!

Then, as fate would have it, the following summer I worked in an Italian restaurant, run by a vibrant Neapolitan family. I experienced their passion for life in all its dimensions and flavors and I was hooked on Southern Italian culture!

I am grateful for having made that decision all those years ago, to study italiano and, in addition to being a jazz artist, I work as an Italian language instructor, interpreter and translatt has been an privilege to share the Bella Lingua with all of my students these past fifteen (and counting!) years- and to have been recognized by Italian Consulate General Lorenzo Ortona for my "eclectic and creative" teaching style.

"This tour is personal!"  What's different about my itinerary is that it’s truly personal. I’ve spent more than a year planning and traveling in Campania, collaborating with wonderful Italian friends, new and old to create an unforgettable cultural experience for you.   

My Italian friends will all be a part of this unique experience that combines educational and physical activities.  A dream vacation, rich in history, food, wine, colors, aromas, sounds, and breathtaking natural beauty.   

My mission has always been to foster authentic understanding of the Italian culture and to facilitate authentic communication between English speakers and Italians.

So, at last, I'm excited to share with you my itinerary that reflects how I like to travel, exploring a combination of “must-see’s” and hidden gems- as a traveler, not a tourist. Experiencing the local life, through the eyes of locals. Enjoying activities that are transformative and inspirational.

Go Local, Know Local: I will encourage you to communicate in italiano-- at whatever level you are at.  What better way to do that than by introducing you to some of my colorful and talented Neapolitan friends who deeply love their wondrous culture and history!

THE IDEA for Slow Travel with Lisa came about in two ways:      

  1. My wonderful Italian students who, over these past fifteen years have often returned from Italy wishing that that they would've had a more authentic experience, that they'd been able to meet Italians and practice their Italian language skills. Their desire for something more personal inspired me to create an itinerary that provides opportunities to interact engage "real, live Italians!"; and
  2. As a result of an amazing trip that I took to Italy in August 2016 with my husband and his family. All’improvviso, I became Language Coach & Cultural Guide to a group of nine English-speaking travelers.  I was there at their sides, to teach, translate and interpret. I introduced them to my Italian friends and together we dined, went on excursions-- and laughed a lot!

    As a language educator, it was amazing for me to see how quickly my little group of non-speakers picked up Italian because they were highly motivated to communicate with my Italian friends and the wonderful caffè owners, people on buses, and all the "real, live Italians” they met along the way.

    At the close of this slow travel experience, my U.K. mother-in-law marveled that, although she'd been to Italy many times, she had never before experienced Italy by interacting, dining, seeing sites, and communicating with Italians.

    The connections made were real and the experience of facilitating communication between English and Italian speakers made my heart grow big! 

As I say above, space is limited to 10 lucky guests!  You don’t have to speak Italian, but I ask that you come with a curiosity and interest in participating in authentic experience. 10 is the perfect number (and Dante said so, too!)        

Is this right for you? Yes, if you...

  • like the idea of not having to pack and unpack every other day! (We move lodging only once!) 
  • are someone who loves Italy, who may have already traveled to the Bel Paese, but is looking for      an experience that is truly different, truly authentic
  • are curious and would enjoy meeting Italians, my friends and special guests 
  • are in pretty good shape, able to enjoy walking and a medium-level hike of up to 3-4 hours
  • are game to try to use whatever Italian you may know 
  • seek a genuine experience of Italy with an opportunity to slip into the "dolce far niente"      mentality
  • are excited to experience the impromptu magic that occurs while traveling, can improvise and      relax ...slow...travel... ahhhhhhhhh.

    If this sounds like you, I warmly invite you to join us!

    Warmest regards,    
    prof.ssa Lisa 

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